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Gerontology Degree Programs

Gerontology degree is linked to a special field that is specialized in studying biological, social and psychological aspects that are related to elderly people. Gerontology basically researches the aging process so that better regulations and rules are incorporated and offer the elderly a much better life quality.

Absolutely all gerontologists need to be licensed and trained as health care professionals that do work with elderly individuals. They will be equipped to properly analyze all the aspects about aging except sickness and disease. You can usually find a person holding a degree in gerontology working where a large number of old people can be found. This includes hospitals and nursing homes.

Our Top Universities for Gerontology in 2014
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Kaplan University - M.S in Nursing - Adult Gerontology Practitioner & B.S in Human Services - Gerontology.
Kaplan University is one of our top Gerontology universities. They provide exclusive Gerontology Degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement.
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Capella University - M.S - Gerontology.
Capella University is one of the top universities for online education. Capella provides a diverse learning community which is vital for their Gerontology students.
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gerontology degrees
University of Southern California - M.A in Gerontology.
Capella University is one of the top universities for online education. Capella provides a diverse learning community which is vital for their Gerontology students.
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Gerontology Degree Subjects

The gerontology degree courses will require that you learned geometry, biology, chemistry and algebra during high school. English is also a good course and psychology can help to transition to a college that offers the possibility to obtain that degree that you want.

Requirements for a Gerontology Degree Programs

If you want to start your gerontologist career, you will need a GED or a high school diploma. Training needs are linked to university and college coursework that is done in a field that will relate to sociology. You need to finish a masters or bachelor’s degree program in order to be able to become a licensed gerontologist. If you want to be licensed, you will also have to go through a special clinical internship and then take a state exam. After that you will be given your degree in gerontology qualification. Keep in mind that some of the requirements will vary based on what gerontology discipline you want to follow.

Career with a Degree in Gerontology

After you obtain your degree in gerontology, you can start working as a gerontologist but what does this profession actually do? The healthcare professional needs to inform and educate older population through presentations, by offering necessary resources like books or articles and by giving speeches. To put it really simply, you want to make sure that you let as many elderly as possible know what you have to express.

In order to go through gerontology program, it is important that you love communicating since you will be required to learn how to do that effectively. In addition, you have to care about the older population and its well-being.

online gerontology degreeChoices of Careers as a Gerontologist

You may want to go through a gerontology degree online course or an offline course but did you know that there are different types of gerontologists and you might need to choose which one you will be? This is important since some jobs will require that you have a masters degree in gerontology instead of the regular bachelor’s gerontology degree.

The most common gerontologist type is the researcher that basically analyzes and researches how aging process will affect people that are placed in various settings. The findings are used in order to enhance senior citizen life and to understand their needs and wishes. We also have individuals that are into applied gerontology. They will interact with the elderly and will usually offer assistance of some sorts.

There are even gerontologists involved in administration. They are trained to manage programs and services. As long as they are beneficial to elderly people, they will make sure that the program is properly implemented and running as well as it should.

Working Environment

After you finish the courses and you get your degree in gerontology you will be able to work in a lot of employment places. That includes assisted living centers, health offices, hospitals and nursing facilities. You can even end up teaching in colleges and schools and work with other health care professionals in the huge health industry to reach the goals that you might have together.

by Stan Tan

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