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Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of the aging process and how it affects our society, and it is also about developing ways to make life better for senior citizens. According to experts, with you graduate certificate in gerontology, you can earn at least $47,488 per year, especially when working in a clinical setting.

If you have worked in social services for a few years and are interested in applying gerontology to how you do your job, you should consider a graduate certificate in gerontology because it will teach you all you need to know on the topic in order to succeed. Some employers may require certification in gerontology and this certificate may be helpful in getting the certification.

Our Top Schools for Gerontology & Health Certificates
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University of Phoenix - Certificate in Health Care - Gerontology.
University of Phoenix is one of the best universities for Gerontology Degrees. University of Phoenix is also one of the largest universities with more than 200 locations that students are able to study from as well as online. Starting from Day One, you will have an Advisor Team to guide you along your Gerontology Degree program to achieve success.
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Rasmussen College - Diploma in Human Services.
Rasmussen College has been providing excellent medical degrees for over 110 years. Rasmussen College offers a unique education teaching experience to their students to help them develop the necessary, relevant and advanced skills to start or advance in their careers.
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graduate certificate in gerontology
Saint Leo University - Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management.
Saint Leo University helps their students to establish the necessary foundation to continue their education. Saint's accounting degree programs also help students build leadership skills and most importantly, their accounting degrees are accredited.
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graduate certificate in patient advocacy
UCLA Empowered - Graduate Certificate in Patient Advocacy.
UCLA Empowered is the nation's leading institution for professional development education. The duration for their certificate programs are between 9-12 months. Empowered has also developed a career assessment tool to help match you with the most suitable certificate program they offer.
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What You Should Take a Gerontology Certificate Program

If you enrol in a collegiate program that offers the graduate certificate in gerontology online, you may take courses in mental health and aging, economics of aging, cultural variations in aging, end-of-life-care for seniors, housing environments for the elderly, depression and the elderly, families in aging, and demographics and aging. In addition to these courses you may also have a required internship and a final research paper on a topic that is approved by your advisor.

Career with a Gerontology Certificate

If you decide to get a gerontology certificate, you can work as an elder care consultant. Elder care consultants are responsible for helping hospitals, hospice centres and non-profit organizations develop programs and services that will best support the elderly in their communities. Aside from obtaining a graduate certificate in gerontology, you will also need to get certified by a professional organization and get a license from your state before finding work.

gerontology certificateDuration for a Certificate in Gerontology

Usually the program last one to two years although if you take all of your classes online, it could be less than a year before you obtain the certificate. If you work full time you can enroll in the online courses since it is better for your schedule than traditional colleges.

How to Research Gerontology Certificate Programs

Make sure the school is accredited and you can get this information by visiting the U.S. Department of Education where they have a database of accredited colleges. If the school claims it is accredited by a certain association, verify the claim by contacting this association. You should choose a graduate gerontology program that is affordable and best suit your career goals.

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